Sports and Exercise Medicine at Broadway Family Medicine

people-2590796_1920University of Minnesota Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic provides comprehensive, personalized care to athletes of ALL ages, abilities, and activity levels.

Our specialty-trained physicians help patients begin exercise programs and find ways to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Family physician Dave Olson, MD, who specializes in sports medicine, answers the following questions about Broadway’s sports and exercise medicine services.

What sports medicine conditions do you treat?

We treat a variety of sports medicine conditions, including:

• Joint pain and arthritis
• Broken bones, sprains, and strains
• Overuse injuries

What services do you provide related to sports and exercise medicine?

We provide a variety of services related to sports and exercise medicine, including:

• Musculoskeletal ultrasound
• Injections for hips, shoulders, and tendons
• Outpatient rehabilitation
• Sports physicals
• Exercise plans
• Casting

In addition to the above, we meet with patients who have chronic conditions, like diabetes or high blood pressure, to discuss plans for safely maintaining or building an active lifestyle.

What is your approach to sports medicine care?

We provide comprehensive, personalized care for active people of ALL ages and abilities. We believe that everyone is an athlete in some way. Our goal is to keep active people active and encourage others that aren’t active to get moving!

Who are the sports medicine providers at Broadway?

Patients receive sports medicine care from an interdisciplinary team of providers.

The team is led by two family physicians who have completed fellowships in sports medicine and are faculty in the University of Minnesota Program in Sports Medicine:

University of Minnesota family medicine resident physicians and sports medicine fellows are also actively involved in sports medicine care at our clinic and across our community. In fact, the family medicine residency, University of Minnesota North Memorial Family Medicine Residency, affiliated with our clinic is one of the top producers in the U.S. of medical residents that go on to sports medicine fellowships.

What ages do you treat?

We treat ALL ages and ALL abilities/activity levels.

Where does Broadway provide training room support?

We provide game day and training room coverage for North and Cooper high schools in Minneapolis.

Our faculty physicians also care for University of Minnesota Gopher athletics, the Minnesota Vikings, and more.

Do patients need a referral to schedule an appointment?

No referral is needed. Patients or prospective patients can call 612-302-8200 to schedule an appointment.

When are patients seen for sports and exercise medicine concerns?

We see patients specifically for sports and exercise medicine concerns and conditions on Thursdays from 1 to 3 pm at University of Minnesota Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic.

But, the clinic is open Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, and sees patients of ALL ages and ALL healthcare concerns. Same- and next-day appointments are available.

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