Pregnancy Groups for Expectant Moms at Broadway Family Medicine

pregnancy-466129_1920At University of Minnesota Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic, we offer group pregnancy care for expectant moms.

Family medicine physician Laura Miller, MD, discusses our pregnancy groups and how they benefit both mom AND baby.

What are group pregnancy visits?

Group visits offer expectant moms the opportunity to meet with a team of providers AND moms in a similar stage of pregnancy for their pregnancy (or prenatal) care.

Each group visit lasts about two hours, incorporating the following:

  • Healthy snack time
  • Socializing with other moms
  • One-on-one time with a physician
  • Group discussion on a pregnancy-related topic

Moms also get the opportunity to check their own vitals, like blood pressure, belly measurement (or fundal height measurement), and baby’s heart rate. They learn to take vitals themselves as part of the group visits.

Our group pregnancy care is based on the CenteringPregnancy model.

What topics are discussed during group pregnancy visits?

Topics include the following (but are not limited to):

  • Common stressors in pregnancy
  • Common ailments in pregnancy
  • Nutrition in pregnancy and unsafe foods
  • Safe and unsafe medications for pregnant women
  • Labor strategies, including doula care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Parenting

Who leads the pregnancy group visits?

Moms learn from a team of providers AND other moms.

Two family medicine resident physicians lead each group visit with a behavioral health provider and two nurses.

When do the pregnancy groups meet?

Group pregnancy care is on Tuesdays from 12:30 to 2:00 pm.

How do moms and babies benefit from group care?

Studies show women who participate in group pregnancy care have the following:

  • higher satisfaction with their pregnancy care
  • higher rates of breastfeeding
  • lower rates of preterm deliveries
  • better sense of what to expect when baby arrives

“The CenteringPregnancy group care model has also been shown to nearly eliminate racial disparities in preterm birth. African American women, who are at higher risk for preterm birth in the U.S., experience lower risk of preterm birth when enrolled in CenteringPregnancy than in traditional care” (Centering Healthcare Institute Inc).

Participants at University of Minnesota Physicians Broadway Family Medicine Clinic have also gone on to form mom support groups after group pregnancy care has ended with moms in similar life and parenting stages.

How can you sign up for group pregnancy care at Broadway?

Call the clinic at 612-302-8200, and/or visit us at 1020 West Broadway Avenue in North Minneapolis.

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